Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bee Murder Cold Case Re-opened

While on my walk today I suddenly noticed that a bee was following, and at times even circling me. I wondered why I was the target of this deliberate behavior. Then it dawned on me that this could very well be a special agent from the Bee Police on a hot lead stemming from a bee murder cold case involving me back in 1963 when I was six years old.
 After being stung by a bee at that time, with Mason jar in hand,  I proceeded to go out to the garden with the sole purpose of incarcerating as many bees as I could and sealing them in the jar. My thoughts were that I would eliminate all future threat of being stung by a bee again, or at least minimize the chances.
But as it is 49 years later, I have had no further criminal intent on annihilating the bee population. In my life I have come to realize that bees have a very definite and honorable purpose. Besides, I have lived in Canada for over five years now. With that in mind I didn't understand that this bee could think that there was any possibility of extraditing me, or the fact that at the time of the incident I was a minor, let alone after all these years the statute of limitations must be far expired to indite me now. It wasn't long until that bee must have realized these same facts and gave up on the chase.  But if by chance there is ever a bee in the car with me while I'm driving, it's either him or me and I will not hesitate to kill again. 

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  1. Killer Bees! I hate bees as well, but alas they have a purpose of some sort I suppose. :)